The National Secretariat is headed by the General Secretary and Assisted by the Deputy General Secretary and a Team of Other Staff who see to the day-to-day running of the Union. It performs roles that are assigned by the Constitution, the internal Regulations, the Delegates Conference, the National Executive Committee, the Management Committee or the National Officers of the Union. It is further run in accordance with policies approved by the National Executive Council (NEC).

The Regional Secretariat represent the Union in the regions. They report to the National Secretariat.

The Management Committee

The Management Committee Administers the affairs and business of the Union in between meetings of the National Executive Council. It deals with any matter delegated to it by the Delegates Conference or National Executive Council. It is the Management of the Union, and to that extent deals with all staff matters. Management Committee is composed of National Officers, Regional Chairpersons, Chairpersons and Secretaries of the National Youth and National Women Committees, Staff Representatives and Chairperson of the Finance Committee as an Ex-Officio Member. The Administrative Secretary of the Union serves as Secretary of Management Committee.

Name Position
Bro. Ken T. Koduah National Chairperson
Bro. Ernest Eli Billy Kwami National Vice Chairperson
Sis. Priscilla Otuo-Serebour National Vice Chairperson (Woman)
Bro. Bernard Adjei General Secretary
Bro. John Nii Donu Sampah Deputy General Secretary
Sis. Rebecca A. Agalga National 1st Trustee
Bro. Michael Allotey National 2nd Trustee
Sis. Doris Asoalla Reg. Chairperson (UER)
Bro. Saaed Mohammed Nurudeen Reg. Chairperson (UWR)
Sis. Janet Ameseya Reg. Chairperson (NR)
Name Position
Sis. Celestine Naariyong Ag. Reg. Chairperson (BAR)
Bro. Kofi Agyare Boateng Reg. Chairperson (ASH)
Bro. Ernest Eli Billy Kwami Reg. Chairperson (ER)
Bro. Godwin Ziggah Reg. Chairperson (VR)
Bro. Boakye Yiadom Ag. Reg. Chairperson (GAR)
Bro. Paul Nyarko Ag. Reg. Chairperson (CR)
Bro. Stephen E. Tikoli Reg. Chairperson (WR)
Sis. Ellen Appiah Osei Chairperson (NWC)
Sis. Elizabeth Anaba Secretary (NWC)
Bro. Ebenezer Acheampong Chairperson (NYC)
Sis. Delight E. Tornyezuku Secretary, NYC
Bro. Martin Kofi Boateng Staff Rep. (Divisional Chairperson)
Sis. Felicia Kraja Staff Rep. (Ag. Divisional Secretary)
Bro. Johnson Edmund Kyeremeh Staff Rep. (Divisional 2nd Trustee)
Bro. Suaki Issah Abudu Chairperson, Nat. Finance Committee
Bro. John Doe Administrative Secretary

National Officers

Brother Bernard Adjei

General Secretary, PSWU

Brother John Sampah

Deputy General Secretary, PSWU

Sister Rebecca A. Agalga

National 1st Trustee, PSWU

Brother Michael Allotey

2nd National Trustee, PSWU