List of PSWU Member Organizations

Abibigroma Group
Audit Service of Ghana
Bui Power Authority
Building & Road Research Institute
Centre for National Culture
Centre for Plant Medicine Research (CPMR)
Coastal Development Authority
Electoral Commission
Energy Commission
Environmental Protection Agency
Food and Drugs Authority
Organisation of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU)
Ghana Aids Commission
Ghana Airport Company Limited
Ghana Dance Company
Ghana Export Promotion Authority
Ghana Grid Company Ltd.
Ghana Meteorological Agency
Ghana National Trust Fund
Ghana News Agency
Ghana Revenue Authority
Ghana Standard Authority
Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited
GRATIS Foundation
Integrated Community Centre for Employable Skills (ICCES)
Internal Audit Agency
Labour Enterprise Trust
Lands Commission/PVLMD/SMD/LRD/LVD
Management Dev. & Productivity Institute
National Board for Small Scale Industries
National Commission for Civic Education
National Film & Television Institute
National Inspectorate Board
National Labour Commission
National Media Commission
National Population Council
National Service Scheme
National Sports Authority
National Sports College
National Symphony Orchestra
National Theatre
National Vocational Training Institute
National Youth Authority
Opportunity Industrialization Centre
Public Service Commission
Public Services Union Centre
Public Utilities Regulatory Commission
State Enterprise Audit Corporation
Statistical Service of Ghana
TDC Development Company Ltd.
Trades Union Congress (Ghana)
Veterans Administration, Ghana
Volta River Authority
Water Research Institute
Youth Employment Agency
Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC)